Ericsson Content Preparation

    Content preparation

    Simplify video delivery for any format in an age of complexity, fragmented distribution and anytime consumption demands with Ericsson Content Preparation.

    Any Content, Anywhere, Now

    TV service providers, broadcasters and content owners are in a constant race to keep up with content processing and delivery requirements. This is growing increasingly complicated as the device and platform landscapes become more fragmented than ever. Meanwhile, surging consumer demand for consumption of high-quality content anywhere demands unprecedented speed. In the midst of this growing complexity is greater opportunity – seize it now.

    Ericsson Content Preparation speeds delivery of On Demand high-quality video originating from raw files or live feeds to any device. It simplifies workflow management and addresses content packaging complexities, automating processes for maximum cost and time efficiencies. So you can delight consumers and move at the speed of market demands.

    What is Ericsson Content Preparation?

    Ericsson Content Preparation addresses all packaging needs related to VOD creation, catch-up from files or live streams and dynamic transcoding. This functionality supports pursuit of increasing C3/C7 monetization, targeted advertising and personalized channel opportunities.

    Key capabilities include:

    • Premium Video quality and Highly Efficient Transcoding: Faster than real time high quality audio/video encoder/transcoder for any screen with support for HDR and all video standards (MPEG-2, H.264, HEVC 10-bit encoding), from Mobile to 4K resolutions, with the same software.
    • Support for all content types. Works with the largest variety of input and output formats for delivery across any network, with comprehensive DRM integration. 
    • Software and Cloud: Highly optimized software video processing components with configurations for virtualization that can be deployed on Ericsson platforms as well as private  or public cloud.
    • Innovative  Workflows:  Highly scalable architecture including Just-in-time transcoding for long tail content to optimize storage space, support for automated In and Out Quality Check  and pre-integrated with a wide range of technology partners.

    Why Ericsson?

    Our solutions are backed by more than 25 years of world-leading video compression expertise and the industry’s most comprehensive media processing virtualization capabilities. At every stage of industry change, Ericsson has been at the forefront with advanced offerings that help our customers overcome the latest challenges and pursue new opportunities. Ericsson Content Preparation empowers TVservice providers, content owners and broadcasters to pursue the expanding global video delivery opportunities that exist.

    Consider Ericsson Content Preparation if you want to:     

    • Reduce operations costs. Scale, and take advantage of best-in-class video compression to reduce bandwidth costs.
    • Delight consumers. Deliver the latest content at the highest available quality, from Mobile to 4K and beyond, to any screen. 
    • Move fast. Full automation eliminates inefficient manual processes, while cloud and software capabilities enable quick scaling up and down of services and features as needed.