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Content Management

Media asset management for a multiscreen world

Improve your content management capabilities and overcome multiscreen content creation, delivery and distribution challenges with Ericsson Content Management System. 

Ericsson Content Management System Overview

Content is everywhere as massive volumes of media are created and consumed daily. But prepping this content for delivery to millions of people and devices poses a daunting challenge for service providers. Reviews, quality checks, transcoding, modifications and edits must happen quickly. Multiple devices, formats, bitrates and quality levels must be supported. Ericsson Content Management Systems can help you meet the media asset management demands you face.

Ericsson Content Management System addresses the creation, delivery and distribution challenges that can daunt service providers in a multiscreen and multiplatform world. It is a centralized media asset management platform that can handle any type of content, metadata or business process. And it is the backbone of an efficient, scalable multiscreen content management strategy. One that enhances revenues, helps retain subscribers and speeds time to market.

What is Ericsson Content Management System?

Ericsson Content Management System is an end-to-end media asset management solution. It offers a metadata and content library, and the ability customize processes, tools and workflows. So service providers can effectively ingest, process and distribute digital assets using any metadata format, any content type, and any workflow process at enterprise-level volumes.

Ericsson Content Management System features include:

  • Multiscreen content management. Purpose-built to manage any file type, metadata format or package structure.
  • Centralized approach. Centrally manage multiple sources and distribution sites.
  • Enterprise-class workflow. Flexible workflow is completely customizable, able to grow and change easily.
  • Plug and play integration. Adaptor framework supports automated workflow via homegrown or third-party systems.
  • Advanced content control. Includes user-friendly rules wizard, definable roles, dashboard and partner portal.

Why Use Ericsson Content Management System?

Ericsson has deep TV and media experience with the world's most deployed IPTV platform, advanced compression technologies and next-generation solutions for content delivery. This includes work with global standards bodies, more than 75 global service providers in 34 countries, serving nearly 140 million subscribers and 28 million devices. We are also the industry leader in VOD content distribution and multiscreen content management.

We can help you support evolving video asset management challenges presented by multiscreen distribution requirements. Consider Ericsson Content Management System if you want to:

  • Reduce costs. Decrease CapEx with preset configurations and pretested external workflow resource integration points. Highly-automated workflows and zero-cost scalability reduce OpEx.
  • Drive new revenues. Multi-format content management capabilities support delivery of multiscreen services and content that opens cross-sell and upsell opportunities.
  • Boost loyalty. Offer substantial on-demand content libraries that can be accessed across all devices, giving subscribers the mobile experience they demand.
  • Speed time to market. Take advantage of improved implementation timeline predictability for accurate go-to-market planning.