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Ericsson worldwide

Headend Systems

Ericsson has over 17 years experience of enabling over 1000 customers to deliver broadcast television. Hundreds of systems and solutions are commissioned each year for many different markets from standard off-the-shelf solutions to bespoke customized offerings. Different markets and customers have diverse requirements that Ericsson’s system offerings are able to meet.

Ericsson has been designing and deploying headends for over 17 years, from the introduction of the first MPEG-2 SD encoder systems at the birth of digital television to today's diverse mix of formats and resolutions targeted at multiple consumer devices from traditional TV sets to mobile tablets.  Ericsson has enabled over 1000 customers to deliver leading-edge broadcast television solutions.  Hundreds of solutions are commissioned each year across multiple markets providing fully tailored and rapidly deployed solutions to meet growing consumer demand.  Ericsson multi-platform headends are designed to meet the diverse needs of operators allowing them to expand across delivery platforms organically, reducing operational cost and complexity.  Ericsson platforms are designed for operators to deliver today's fast-changing service lineup efficiently and effectively, bringing the Ericsson technology expertise in providing leading-edge broadcast solutions.


Multi-platform Headend

Ericsson's multi-platform headends deliver a flexible solution today allowing operators to efficiently launch leading-edge services while allowing organic expansion to launch future services ...