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Ericsson worldwide

Media Delivery Network Platforms

The Ericsson Media Delivery Network solution breaks the boundaries of traditional CDNs with a unique, single-platform approach to the delivery of managed and unmanaged content across fixed and mobile networks.


This solution allows operators ultimate network control and efficiency, and positions them ideally within the media value chain for fast time-to-market innovation and monetization.


Ericsson Media Delivery Network Platforms include:

  • Media Delivery Network Manager - a business suite, which acts as the single, central interface for managing business logic and monitoring the end-to-end network.
  • Media Delivery Network Controller - a control plane, which intelligently routes requests and distribution
  • Media Delivery Network Universal Cache - a unified delivery node, which is built on the foundation of the Ericsson Multiservice Proxy (MSP), and provides CND caching, transparent internet caching (TIC), web accelleration, and content optimization - all in one.

These innovative, feature-rich platforms work together in a highly scalable and agile way to provide operators a solution as unique as thier own business rules and workflows.


Media Delivery Network Controller

Ericsson Media Delivery Network Controller is a control plane which intelligently routes requests and distribution.