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Ericsson Video Storage and Processing Platform

Video Storage and Processing Platform

Offer next generation cloud TV services that attract and retain subscribers, with reduced cost and complexity, with our highly scalable, integrated storage and computing platform.

Ericsson Video and Storage Processing Platform Overview

The features and experiences that subscribers demand today – TV anywhere, HD recordings, huge libraries – require operators to quickly and efficiently deploy complex time and place shifted TV services, such as Cloud DVR, Look-Back and VoD. Traditional architectures are costly, time consuming, and not very scalable or resilient. Challenges include huge storage needs and costs, complex infrastructure and very high performance throughput.

The Ericsson Video and Storage Processing Platform offers a unique, proven infrastructure that allows for seamless augmentation and replacement of legacy television services with new cloud-based services. It provides outstanding performance gains and greatly simplifies Cloud DVR and VOD architectures, allowing operators to avoid many of the complexities and costs associated with these new services.

What is Ericsson Video and Storage Processing Platform?

The Ericsson Video and Storage Processing Platform integrates and virtualizes the storage and processing capabilities of as many Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) servers as needed into a unified, high performance, software-based cloud infrastructure. Optimized for media, it’s ideal for time-shifted services, like cloud-based DVR. Tremendously versatile, the platform enables multiple uses cases such as:

  • Master Video Library
  • Long tail server
  • Scalable Origin server
  • CDN Assist
  • Enhanced VOD
  • Cloud DVR

The Platform's features include:

  • Grid Management Suite. Provides resource and grid management for server clusters
  • Media Workflow Framework. Integrated processing for ingest, transcoding, transforming, and delivery
  • Shared File Systems. Incorporates built-in distributed RAID
  • Comprehensive Diagnostics Suite. Enables tracking issues as they occur in production


Why Use Ericsson Video and Storage Processing Platform?

Ericsson is the demonstrable market leader in implementing cloud-based TV solutions such the first and largest private copy Cloud DVR deployment with over 130PB of data. We are repeatedly chosen to power VOD expansion, time-shifting, and cloud DVR offerings for operators worldwide. Consider Ericsson Video and Storage Processing Platform if you want to:

  • Enjoy an end-to-end ecosystem. Mix and match with elements of Ericsson’s TV portfolio or any third party vendors.
  • Grow revenues. Enable a wide array of cloud services to retain and attract subscribers, and to grow ARPU.
  • Cut costs. Use of COTS hardware and elimination of silos reduces server requirement by up to 40%.
  • Scale-out as needed. Scale massively with plug and play expansion and increase simultaneous streaming capacity with innovative video striping.
  • Get unmatched performance. Achieve massive throughput and consistently high read and write concurrency.
  • Eliminate downtime. Achieve 100% resiliency and virtually hands-off maintenance with distributed RAID, auto recovery, and fast rebuild.
  • Simplify your infrastructure. Reduce complexity with integrated processing and storage.