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Ericsson BMR467 series

Digital 120A POL

BMR467 is a new two-phase 120A 3E digital point-of-load (POL) DC-DC power module that offers Dynamic Loop Compensation (DLC) and the ablility to easily connect modules in parallel to provide up to 480A to advanced network-processors that require high performance in power delivery and high levels of software control to improve flexibility.

Key Features

Input: 7.5 - 14 V
Output: up to 120 A

 • Footprint 50.8 x 19.05 x 10.4 mm
 • Maxheight 10.4 mm (0.41 inch)
 • 93.2% at 12 Vin, 60 A  (typical value at half load)
 • Through hole, Surface Mount, Single in Line


Other Features:

 • Parallel operation
 • Configuration and mornitoring via PMBus
 • Phase synchronization & spreading
 • Voltage tracking capability
 • Margining up/down

Product Program

7.5 - 14 V Input:

Vout (V)Iout (A)Pout (W)Part No 
1.6-1.8 V120216BMR467 


The BMR467 3E POL regulator is also available with different options. For more details, see Technical Specification under Downloads.

Mechanical Data

Size (LxWxH):

50.8 x 19.05 x 10.4 mm (2.0 X 0,75 x 0,41 in)