Base Station Controllers, BSC, Radio Network Controllers, RNC

The development of GSM and WCDMA networks has a continued strong demand on controller efficiency. The network controllers (BSC, RNC and Evo Controller) helps operators to meet future expansion needs, while also protecting today’s investments.

Evolution of the Evo Controller

Ericsson has developed two new Controllers for GSM and WCDMA, EvoC 8230 and EvoC 8300.

EvoC 8230 is a new one sub rack BSC where we have modernized the node interface and switch infrastructure, these modernizations and other improvements made an extension sub rack unnecessary.  

EvoC 8300 is a new all IP RNC partly based on the successful EvoC 8200 platform. The new node has a new high capacity Linux based processor board fitted into a single sub rack. It is a power efficient node with high scalability and simple installation.

Both new Controllers have been verified in field since Q4 2017 and are ready for ordering.

Ericsson’s offering

Ericsson GSM BSC and WCDMA RNC products gives an operator a wide choice of configurations for different network topologies, from metropolitan optimized for high traffic to rural optimized for coverage.

The Evo Controller 8230/BSC, with support for up to 4000 transceivers in one single sub rack, brings capacity density to the next level.

The EvoC 8300 is also a single sub rack node, it is an extremely compact, power efficient and scalable all IP node built for the future. Initially it supports up to 31 Gbps throughput in a single sub rack which will be increased to 35 Gbps throughput in the near future.

EvoC 8200/RNC is still available for those Customers that require ATM support in their WCDMA networks.

The new EvoC 8300 and EvoC 8230 continue to build on the same concept as EvoC 8200 but with a new infrastructure and a new processor blade for the RNC. It is possible to mount both EvoC 8230 and EvoC 8330 nodes in a BYB 501 Cabinet, a solution that is similar to the EvoC 8200/Multi configuration.
Two new BYB 501 cabinet solutions is available specifically for the new EvoC 8230 and EvoC 8300 to facilitate fast and simple installation on site. Power in the cabinet is pre-cabled to each sub rack position, site power to be connected to the cabinet according to own preference. (Overhead or Under floor cabling).

Main values

  • The EvoC 8230 and EvoC 8300 is built on future-proof hardware, giving it the highest capacity per footprint ratio on the market, along with low power consumption.
  • The EvoC 8230 and EvoC 8300 gives operators several benefits:
  • High capacity with small footprint
  • Few hardware types
  • Traffic-adaptive nodes designed to cater for any traffic changes
  • Optimized for all-IP networks
  • Future-proof platform based on Gbps Ethernet technology.
  • Supported beyond 2030