Ericsson Enclosure

High-quality and cost-efficient enclosures are vital building blocks for operators when constructing a radio site. Equipment for battery back-up, radio, baseband, power and transmission needs to be installed in a robust environment with energy efficient temperature control, and minimized footprint. The enclosure solutions must be end-to-end tested with the used site equipment, durable to last for many years but still cost-optimized to control total site CAPEX. As an integral part of the Ericsson Radio System, Ericsson has developed enclosure solutions to meet all these requirements.

Ericsson’s enclosures are designed with multiple climate options for optimal energy efficiency and operating conditions in all climates. The enclosures have standardized design and open interfaces to support easy installation of third party equipment. Integration with all other building blocks in the Ericsson Radio System guarantees a high reliability and eases site dimensioning during construction and when expanding capacity and functionality. The enclosures are constructed based on years of experience with network operation in environments with earth quakes, dust, moist and seawater. Locks and doors are highly vandal proof.

Ericsson Radio System Enclosures can be remotely controlled via the Ericsson Network Manager, the same management system that is used for all other elements in the Ericsson Radio System. This makes it straightforward to remotely configure settings and handle alarms.

The enclosures in Ericsson Radio System have the flexibility and minimized footprint to meet any site challenge.