Ericsson Gigabit LTE

Gigabit LTE is a major milestone on the road to 5G. By offering 1 Gbps and beyond, operators can meet the need for LTE capacity and speed as users quickly adopt new apps, consume and share content at a high pace, wherever they are.

More flexible with Ericsson

Ericsson offers the markets best Gigabit flexibility as it can aggregate up to 5 carriers, combine FDD and TDD or combine FDD and unlicensed (LAA). All combinations are supported from one Baseband board, reducing the footprint and the power consumption to a minimum. Ericsson offers both outdoor and indoor Gigabit LTE, enabling operators to prepare Gigabit LTE indoor as well as for macro sites.

Key benefits

  • Uniquely aggregates FDD and TDD carriers from just one Baseband board
  • Gigabit LTE speeds possible from just one FDD carrier when combining with three unlicensed carriers applying LAA 
  • Runs on a future-proof 5G ready Baseband

Gigabit LTE specs

  • 3CC to 5CC from 3x20 MHz of the spectrum or more
  • 4X4 MIMO (multiple inputs and multiple outputs) doubling the capacity and improving both time-to-content and cell edge bit rate
  • 256 QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) packing more bits into the available spectrum, increasing the total data throughput by up to 30 percent