Ericsson GSM Radio Access Network

GSM offers unique advantages in terms of coverage, subscribers, operational cost, device cost, roaming and M2M application support.

More than 85% of the world’s population is covered by a GSM network. There are around four billion GSM only subscriptions and 80% of M2M devices are GSM only.

The continuous need for voice coverage with high speech quality and the ever increasing demand for mobile broadband requires constant evolution of the GSM standard.

Thin Layer GSM is Ericsson’s approach to optimizing and evolving GSM for current and future demands, this by offering superior performance with minimum resources and the lowest possible OPEX.

Main values in GSM

Voice CoverageSpectrum Refarming
GSM continues to provide voice coverage for a long time to come with high speech quality and efficiency.GSM is part of Mobile Broadband build-out through Spectrum Refarming, enabling a fast and cost effective Mobile Broadband expansion.GSM is the baseline for Internet of Things and the Networked Society with unmatched reach and cost efficiency.

Ericsson’s Thin Layer GSM is focusing on three areas:

Network efficiency for maximum network resource utilization of spectrum, energy and hardware. The Ericsson Shared Carrier solution enables 'THIN´spectrum utilization
No GSM unique hardware enables fully integrated multi-standard RAN with common transport and network management to further improve efficiency.
Automation provides operational efficiency and simplicity while securing stable network performance and low OPEX.

Proof points

Ericsson is the technology leader in GSM and has the largest GSM installed base, with the best performance in GSM field. There are more than 300 customers in 170 countries who have deployed more than 13 000 BSCs and 1.5 million RBS sites across all corners of the world. More than 45 percent of the GSM traffic worldwide relies on Ericsson GSM RAN networks.

We have best expertise and knowlede, proven competitive advantages in many key features implementation such as VAMOS, AFLP, etc. Ericsson can provide the best capacity and performance owing to our advanced radio access network portfolio as well as Global Services expertise.