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Ericsson worldwide

Ericsson PKB-B series

1/8 Brick 200-252W

Eighth Brick Intermediate Bus Converter designed to power point-of-Load regulators. Available in through-hole and surface-mount version.

Key Features

Input: 36-75 V
Output: 40 A / 252 W

  • Industry-standard footprint
  • Max height 10.1 mm (0.397 in)
  • 95 percent efficiency at 12 V (typical value at half load)
  • Optional base plate and surface-mount


Product Program

36-75 V Input:

Vout (V)Iout (A)Pout (W)Part No 
5.040200PKB4201B PINot recommended
for new designs 
1220240PKB4204B PINot recommended
for new designs 
1320252PKB4207LB PINot recommended
for new designs 


The PKB-B DC/DC converters are also avaliable with different options, see Technical Specification for more details.


Mechanical Data

Size (LxWxH):

58.42 x 22.76 x 10.1 mm (2.3 x 0.894 x 0.397 in)