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Ericsson worldwide

Ericsson PKM-A series

1/4 Brick 100-150W

The PKM-A family supports 110V railway application

Key Features

Input: 66-160V

Output: 150W

  • Industry standard case dimensions
  • Max heigt 12.7mm (0.5inch) without baseplate
  • Typical 89 percent at 24V Vout Full load
  • Heat sink options

Other Features:

  • 3000Vdc input to output isolation
  • Meets requirements according to IEC/EN/UL 60950-1
  • Compliant to EN50155

Product Program

66-160 V Input:

Vout (V)Iout (A)Pout (W)Part No 
520100PKM7111A PIP
128.33100PKM7113A PIP
156.66100PKM7115A PIP
244.16100PKM7116ZA PIP
1212.5150PKM7213A PIP 
1510150PKM7215A PIP
246.25150PKM7216ZA PIP

Mechanical Data

Size (LxWxH):

57.9 x 36.8 x 12.7 mm (2.28 x 0.89 x 0.38 in)