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Ericsson PKR series

Macrodens 5-15W

The PKR series, designed with the MacroDens footprint and available as surface-mount and through-hole version, is an evolution of the MacroDens standard.

Key Features

This series provides a full range of output voltages.

The updated series meets the requirements for high temperature lead-free reflow soldering processes.

Input: 18-36 V, 18-75 V and 36-75 V
Output: up to 4.5 A / 15 W

  • Industry-standard footprint
  • Max height 8.0 mm (0.32 in)
  • 87.5 percent efficiency at 12 V (typical value at half load)
  • Available with through-hole mount option


Product Program

18-36 V Input:

Vout (V)Iout (A)Pout (W)Part No 
3.326.6PKR2610A SI 
5.05210PKR2111A SI
12212PKR2113A SI
12/-120.6214.9PKR2221A SI


18-75 V Input:

Vout (V)Iout (A)Pout (W)Part No 
3.31.55PKR5510 SI
51.26PKR5611 SI
120.9211PKR5113 SI


36-75 V Input:

Vout (V)Iout (A)Pout (W)Part No
1.859PKR4918B SI
2.54.411PKR4919B SI 
3.339.9PKR4910A SI
3.34.515PKR4110B SI
5.05315PKR4211A SI
72.215PKR4117A SI
3.3/51.5/1.412PKR4128B SI
3.3/52.1/0.59.5PKR4928A SI
12/-120.6215PKR4221A SI


The PKR DC/DC converters are also available with different options. For more details, see Technical Specifications under Downloads.

Mechanical Data

Size (LxWxH):

47.8 x 28.1 x 8.0 mm (1.88 x 1.11 x 0.32 in)


Application Specific Products

40-72 V Input:

OutputPart No 
3.2V, 2.8A / 1.8V, 2.8A / 15WBMR640 5001/1