Ericsson Radio System Software

Ericsson Radio System signals a generational shift in how to build radio networks. The hardware is moving from a cabinet to a more modular architecture that can be easier adapted after specific operator needs enabling better Multi-band, Multi-standard and Multi-layer sites. Going hand in hand with this paradigm shift, is the Ericsson Radio System Software which brings together 5G, LTE (FDD & TDD), WCDMA, GSM, and Massive IoT onto the same architecture.

The Ericsson Radio System architecture is scalable, from indoor small cells (e.g. DOT) to the largest most complex mega-city deployment (e.g. C-RAN). Ericsson Radio System Software scales from an island of indoor small cells, to clusters of macro & small cells that are tightly coordinated in a Coordinated RAN (C-RAN) deployment, always providing the best end user experience.

With 5G, LTE (FDD & TDD), WCDMA, GSM, and Massive IoT on one architecture, operators can better manage the complexities of the network with one O&M system for all standards. Combined with Ericsson Network Manager’s new data centric architecture, this provides operators with to a broader range of information and better & smarter management functions.


RAN Functionality

Ericsson Radio System Software offers many strong and attractive functionalities for usage in operator networks.

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