Ericsson RBS 6402

Multi-standard indoor pico base station

The RBS 6402 is a high performance indoor Pico Cell offering three standards (LTE, WCDMA and Wi-Fi), 10 frequency bands and up to 300 Mbps LTE carrier aggregation. The flexibility, cost-effectiveness and performance in a tablet-sized footprint make it optimal for smaller buildings.


The RBS 6402 is a cost-effective high-performance indoor multi standard/mixed-mode small cell that delivers 300 Mbps LTE in a tablet-sized footprint that serves the needs for smaller sites, which are estimated to account for more than 10 million commercial buildings worldwide.

Customer situation

Operators that focus on consumer satisfaction have resulted with more data usage and reduced churn. Additionally, growth in mobile enterprise and expansion into new industries require mobile operators to deliver consistently high performance indoor app coverage to satisfy their consumers and business customers.

As customers seek superior overall network performance indoors, the indoor wireless solutions will enable operators to address the broad range of buildings and venues that they are targeting as they seek to grow their mobile business and expand in enterprise.

Our RBS 6402 indoor offering enables operators to both address current consumers satisfaction and in combination with the cloud based services target new business opportunities as mobile enterprise.

Together with Vodafone Netherlands, Ericsson implemented second-generation picocell base stations (RBS 6402) throughout Vodafone shops in the Netherlands. Vodafone serves 32 million business customers worldwide and supports companies with its quality services by continuously innovating its business.

Ericsson's offering

The RBS 6402 is optimized for indoor environments up to 5,000 square meters (~ 54,000 square feet) and has low energy consumption, high security and is easy to use. The system packages four 3GPP radios as well as dual-band Wi-Fi in a sleek 2.8 liter form factor.

  • The first indoor Pico Cell with carrier aggregation that doubles capacity and delivers 300 Mbps LTE speed in a tablet-sized footprint.
  • 10-bands, 3- technologies multi-standard (LTE, WCDMA and Wi-Fi) as well as mixed-mode capabilities, the most flexible on the market.
  • Remote software activation of frequency bands for future spectrum and refarming opportunities.
  • A live network in 10 minutes with plug-and-play installation leveraging SON features. Flexible and easy to deploy with Power-over-Ethernet.

Ericsson’s comprehensive range of small cell and carrier Wi-Fi solutions - including the new RBS 6402 - ensures that mobile operators can address any mobile broadband coverage and capacity requirement today and in the future.