Ericsson Shared Carrier

Ericsson Shared Carrier with automatic sharing

With the continuously growing LTE capacity and coverage needs, operators want to introduce LTE in their existing GSM and WCDMA bands and are looking for ways to maximize the spectrum efficiency.

Ericsson Shared Carrier enables LTE and GSM or WCDMA overlapping in the same spectrum - with an automatic and instant use of spectrum based on the service needed.

The GSM or WCDMA transceivers are flexibly configured inside the LTE carrier. This maximizes LTE capacity within the operator’s spectrum assets and can be done without compromising on voice services.

Key benefits

  • Automatically dynamic sharing of spectrum between GSM/WCDMA and LTE
  • User experience and capacity for LTE further evolved, while leveraging legacy systems
  • A pure software upgrade with a low operational effort

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