Ericsson Shared Carrier

With the continuously growing LTE capacity and coverage needs, operators want to introduce LTE in their existing GSM bands and are therefore looking for ways to maximize the spectrum efficiency.

Ericsson now introduces a new unique solution that makes it possible to have LTE and GSM overlapping on the same spectrum. This we call Ericsson Shared Carrier.

Shared Carrier GSM+LTE

With Ericsson Shared Carrier, no unique GSM spectrum needs to be assigned, the GSM transceivers are configured inside the LTE carrier bandwidth. This maximizes LTE capacity within the operator’s spectrum assets and can be done without compromising on GSM capacity and quality.

Key benefits

  • Shortest time to more LTE bandwidth and increased app coverage
  • Pure software upgrade
  • Maximize gain with Ericsson Radio System leading architecture
  • Preserve a robust GSM service

For sites where triple-standard is applied (LTE, HSPA and GSM in mixed-mode), Ericsson Shared Carrier additionally includes both HSPA Instant Dynamic Power Sharing and GSM Intelligent Power Management. These innovations secure that the available Radio output power is dynamically allocated to each RAN, optimized for the actual traffic need.
Ericsson Shared Carrier is fully supported by Ericsson Radio System as well as legacy systems, and there is no need to add additional hardware equipment when migrating from a scenario with separate spectrum for GSM and LTE to a configuration with Shared Carrier.

Ericsson’s powerful spectrum and power efficiency features, Ericsson’s leading hardware design with for example high performance digital filters, together provide a best-in-class performance for overlapping spectrum solutions.
These advancements gives operators increased LTE capacity and application coverage within available spectrum assets, within the shortest possible time. Ericsson Shared Carrier with common spectrum used for LTE and GSM has already been proven in live networks with good results.