Ericsson Small Cells

Our ambition is to create a wireless environment where the indoor and outdoor networks perform perfectly and seamlessly together everywhere at anytime to enable the best end user experience. This is made possible through a holistic view of the network and securing performance across all radio network layers (macro and small cells) for multiple bands and standards.

Such experience is achieved when all radio network layers work as one logical network, including performance monitoring, providing continued capacity and performance regardless of where users are: indoor, outdoor or on the move.

To meet the high requirements of network subscribers and to tackle the challenges of urbanizing environments, we need to take a new approach to network performance. Small Cells alone improve the network performance in certain areas, but integrated Small Cells (macro and small cells combined) deliver high per-user capacity and rate coverage everywhere, with the potential to improve performance in the macro network by offloading traffic generated in hotspots.


Unique benefits of integrated small cells

With network performance as the key determinant of smartphone subscriber loyalty and retention, it is critical for operators to ensure a great user experience in spite of this growing traffic. Ericsson's Small Cell portfolio features:

  • Radio coordination: Highest performance with lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Mobility: Reliable mobility across technologies, frequencies and places for superior end user performance
  • Management: Full visibility of network and user performance everywhere

Mobile data growth rates are outpacing associated revenues and Small Cells and Carrier Wi-Fi can help meet operator’s requirements for a high performance user experience combined with a cost-effective model based on both installed CapEx and ongoing OpEx. In addition, small cell architectures and the use of unlicensed bands, like Wi-Fi, will also become increasingly strategic components of an operator’s 5G strategy.

Only Ericsson provides a unique combination of:

  • Complete end-to-end integrated Small Cells - both indoor and outdoor
  • Planning, deployment and optimization services
  • Integrated Small-Cells-as-a-service managed services offering


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