Ericsson SPO 1400

Packet Optical Transport Platform (POTP) Family

At some point, every telecom service transits the metro network. Operators are continuously upgrading their metro capacity to meet the unyielding demand for video, mobile broadband and cloud-based services.

For low total cost of ownership (TCO), operators require metro convergence, ensuring that all services flow over one network and one platform with one management system. For IP services, the converged network must be simple and scalable, with superior performance.

At the same time, operators need to modernize existing multi-technology networks effectively to a single optical packet network for all services. The Ericsson SPO 1400 product family helps you tackle all these challenges.

The Ericsson SPO 1400 is a family of multi-service optical packet transport solutions

  • SPO 1410 POTP – Metro Access/Aggregation
  • SPO 1460 POTP – Metro Access/Aggregation and Core
  • SPO 1401 OLA – Optical Line Amplifier

The Ericsson SPO 1400 products provide major functionalities for metro network modernization

  • Hybrid Packet-TDM/OTN-WDM architecture
  • Lowest TCO for metro modernization and convergence
  • Connection-oriented Ethernet with MPLS-TP
  • MEF 9 and MEF 14 compliant
  • Legacy TDM-based service support
  • Simple and easy WDM scalability
  • Highest capacity density and lowest power profile
  • Service rates from E1 to 100GE
  • Support LTE MBH and data center connectivity