Ericsson Telephony Server

Our Telephony Server (TeS) allows network operators to evolve their networks, improve the quality of network and telephony services, and reduce operational expenditure, to protect revenue streams.

The Telephony Server is the main component in the Telephony Softswitch Solution (TSS) and provides full PSTN compatibility over an IP infrastructure with 99.999 percent availability.

It provides cost-effective modernization of national and international transit (Class 3 & 4) as well as local (Class 5) telephony networks. The server supports interconnectedness between traditional TDM and VoIP networks (both SIP and H.323), and full interoperability between Telephony Servers, Media Gateways, Trunking Media Gateways and Access Gateways.

The Telephony Server offers an efficient and cost-effective path for modernizing your network, as a step in the transformation into an all-IP network based on IMS architecture.

Case studies and experience from live networks show that TSS significantly reduces network operator costs:

  • Overall core network opex can be reduced by up to 50 percent
  • Total cost of ownership can be reduced by up to 20 percent

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