Packet Transport Modernization and Swap

The increasing number of subscribers in mobile networks is placing more traffic demands on backhaul networks. Today’s backhaul networks need to support bandwidth intensive technologies such as 3G and LTE. These technologies in combination with new streaming applications will require modernization of existing networks to meet capacity and performance requirements. You may also need to swap parts of your legacy backhaul network to increase quality, performance and to support end-users expectation.Packet transport modernization and swap graphic

Ericsson’s Packet Transport Modernization and Swap services are developed to solve network complexity and secure a smooth and timely network transition with minimal traffic disturbance.

Ericsson’s highly efficient project teams apply our proven processes in all aspects from planning to a network in operation to ensure that your expectations are met. Our extensive capabilities and know how will enable a seamless modernization or swap of your backhaul networks, giving you faster time to market with delivery precision and high quality.