Ericsson Preemptive Services

Ericsson’s Preemptive Services helps operators evolve network operations for better performance. We provide precise incident prediction and prevention, leveraging insights from hundreds of networks and advanced analytics techniques.

The offering

Radio Site Analytics - Preemptive Services

Operators spend millions of dollars on site maintenance every year. In many occasions, field technicians being dispatched to radio sites with limited information of what went wrong and trouble-shooting often became a guessing game. Many times the technician decided to replace hardware equipment on the tower and later found out the replaced unit had no hardware issues. This drives up the site maintenance costs including tower climb. Furthermore, it also impacts service quality. When entering the 5G era, the number and the density of sites will increase therefore it becomes crucial to improve site maintenance efficiency.

Ericsson worked with leading operators to drive improvement in site maintenance quality and efficiency. The new Radio Site Analytics capability is part of Preemptive Services. Applying the latest predictive analytics and machine learning techniques, Radio Site Analytics predicts various site related issues days in advance with high level of precision and granularity. With this new capability, network monitoring center would increase the chances to solve problems remotely, or provide clear instructions when sending out field technicians to a site, such as, which equipment needs to be replaced or repaired and whether tower climb is required. This analytics service discovers all potential issues so they can be fixed in one site visit.

With Radio Site Analytics, we help our customers improve site maintenance efficiency, be ready for smooth operations of 5G and get close to the Zero-defect Network vision.

Ericsson Preemptive Services - service description

Telecom services and networks are evolving rapidly in order to cater for end-user demand. Network Operations are under constant pressure to deliver superior network performance with limited resources.

Increased business dynamics require a shift from reactive to proactive operational model. The key is to act ahead, precisely spot these issues that would eventually impact user experience among large volumes of alerts and prevent those from happening.

Ericsson Preemptive Services combines global experience with advanced data analytics capabilities. We provide actionable recommendations developed from our expertise and machine learning models which are fully aligned with operator business priorities. It aims to discover insights for operator business advantages.

“Our goal in network operations is to ensure customer experience value by providing highly reliable and high-quality communications services.  As a first step,  In cooperation with Ericsson, we are working for early detection of failure and improvement of operational efficiency on Ericsson LTE RAN equipment.  Combined with more advanced data analytics technique, We look forward to further transformation for achieving KDDI’s goal” - KDDI

Ericsson can be more precise with it's actionable recommendations due to access to data and insights from hundreds of customers and network domain expertise.

We help operators continuously monitor the network, capture network behaviors, prioritize and analyze findings and preempt disturbances that would cause performance or service degradations.

Ericsson Preemptive Services is applicable to multi-technology and multi-vendor environment. It can be tailored to an operator’s specific needs and business objectives.

With the service, the operator will be in a better position to

  • Reduce service impacting issues
  • Prioritize O&M tasks
  • Improve visibility of entire network status
  • Stay on top of technology evolution

The result is avoidance of revenue loss, reduced churn and increased O&M efficiency. We’ve been able to prove the financial value by reducing the number of critical issues by up to 85%. This helps operators to become more competitive, and to attract and retain more subscribers.

Preparing EE for the future

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Entel Chile chose to call on Ericsson’s global experience to maintain a stable network environment and the loyalty of its customers. 



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