RAN Modernization and Swap

The growth and popularity of Smartphones and the shift away from web browsing to social media, advertising and video streaming indicates a shift in consumer behavior. The networks supporting this traffic are showing their age and require modernization (or swap) to match the growth in SMS and data as well as keep the pace with the growing expectations of subscribers for new apps including video.

Service Engineer

Our suite of services for RAN Modernization and Swap are designed and implemented around making the changes to the network as seamless as possible for both our customers and the end-user. We are the industry leader in swap and modernization projects allowing us to bring you the most efficient processes, methods, tools and capabilities

Our focus is to minimize the down time in modernization and swaps through well established use of proven service deliveries and certified competences. In addition, we invest heavily in tools, processes and methods. This means that subscribers experience minimum down time ensuring continued revenue streams for our customers.