Ericsson Networks Solutions

Ericsson Network Solutions combine our leading products from different domains together with our professional services, for operators to create a network that meets a million different needs and captures the opportunities in the networked society.

All business is becoming digital, and thus mobile, sparking a paradigm shift in the demands of networks. This creates an opportunity for the operators that can move as fast as their fastest customers. Not only does the shift to a digital economy pave the way for an influx of new use cases that the networks need to handle; the digital economy will also change the speed at which the networks will need to react. Instead of being updated in traditional cycles, networks will now have to be updated, improved and serviced in real-time. The operators are facing increase demands of speed while complexity rises exponentially, those who rise to the challenge will stand to win, not only new customers, but entire industries.

At Ericsson we know, that to handle the challenge of continuous updates in a complex world, operators will have to secure the evolution towards 5G  and relay on automation and artificial intelligence.


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