Ericsson, through its leadership in 3GPP LTE and 5G technologies, delivers mission and business-critical mobile broadband solutions to"/>

Ericsson Mission Critical and Private Networks

Ericsson, through its leadership in 3GPP LTE and 5G technologies, delivers mission and business-critical mobile broadband solutions to mobile network operators and partners, enabling them to offer reliable, high performance and secure communications to first responders, governments and industries.

Since the 1990s, Ericsson has  focused on the Mission-Critical Communications market, serving primarily the needs of Public Safety and National Security agencies.  This market segment has been traditionally addressed by narrowband Land Mobile Radio (LMR) technologies, such as TETRA, Tetrapol and Project 25.  However, with customer needs evolving rapidly, requiring mission-critical broadband data and video services, Ericsson has developed the next generation of mission-critical networks using 3GPP LTE and 5G broadband technologies.  This evolution of technology is also enabling customers to consider a wider range of business models for delivery of more cost-effective solutions, from dedicated private LTE/5G networks through to commercial mobile networks with specialist, embedded mission-critical capabilities.

Across many regions globally, governments are increasingly adopting mission-critical LTE broadband technology for their next generation public safety networks, providing users with Mission-Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT), Mission-Critical Data (MCData) and Mission-Critical Video (MCVideo) services.  Examples include national public safety networks awarded in the US, UK, South Korea and a number of countries in the Middle East.  More such networks are planned over coming years across Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific regions.  In many cases, these new deployments are being delivered in partnership with Mobile Network Operators (MNO), leveraging their infrastructure assets and augmenting this further through additional mission-critical LTE/5G system components, such as a Dedicated Core and Radio Access Network (RAN).

Similarly, over recent years, Ericsson has seen growing demand from Enterprises, Utilities, Transportation, Energy, Manufacturing and IoT-related industries for Private Networks using 3GPP LTE/5G broadband technologies. As a consequence, Ericsson has expanded its portfolio of offerings to include end-to-end solutions ranging from those that have predominantly mission-critical requirements through to those requiring business-critical performance.

In addition to developing Mission-Critical and Private Network solutions, Ericsson is a global leader in the provision of managed services, including operating and maintaining large, multi-vendor and multi-tenant networks.  The ability to manage complexity on this scale will be advantageous to those customers considering more elaborate deployment models, including those involving roaming agreements, spectrum sharing and leasing models, hybrid network architectures, etc.

Ericsson has proven to be a valuable partner and trusted advisor to governments and industries seeking to modernize and transform their mobile communications.

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Ericsson’s Mission Critical and Private Networks unit offers the following family of offerings:

  • Group-Radio on Demand - Software-as-a-Service solution offering managed group communication, e.g. Push-to-Talk, location and dispatch services to professional and commercial users.
  • Group-Radio MCPTT - Offers current LMR users a migration path to LTE, retaining their operational capabilities for mission-critical group communication.
  • Mission-Critical LTE – Mobile broadband networks with functionality to support mission-critical communications requirements
  • Private LTE – Provides industries and enterprises with critical mobile broadband solutions serving both users and IoT-related devices.