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Ericsson Network Continuity Solution

Operators need to maximize return on investment of legacy network equipment, especially during their transformation to newer technology.

Service Description
While keeping up with the pace of technology evolution, operators are looking for ways to sustain legacy networks for the purpose of maintaining services continuity and increasing return on investment. Ericsson provides the technology-agnostic and product-agnostic Network Continuity Solution to help operators achieve their goals.

The foundation of Network Continuity Solution is Secure Support or Extend Support for legacy network stability. In addition, the solution can be enhanced by adding optional value packages addressing specific operator needs:
• Maintain legacy network performance
• Maintain product functionality with specific customized design
• Support the transition to newer technology until full decommissioning
• Minimize cost of operations by optimizing hardware, assets and energy

Customer benefits:
• Revenue protection by ensuring legacy network reliability
• Minimize OPEX while maintaining network performance and quality
• Customizable solution packages to address specific customer needs

Not in the scope: Towards the end of a Network Continuity period, a transformation from an older technology to a new replacement technology may be needed. The technology transformation itself is outside of the scope of the Network Continuity Solution, but the Network Continuity is there to support it on the legacy side. 

Related offerings: The Ericsson Network Sunset Solution is closely related to the Ericsson Network Continuity Solution. Network Sunset addresses older technology that needs to be phased out to better utilize operator resources, while maintaining user experience.