Board Power Management

    We offer support in BPM to address choice of configuration, communication and/or control outside of one or more board mounted DC/DC converters or POL regulators.


    The term BPM (board power management) includes items as board power architecture and configuration, control and monitoring, fault detection, etc. Presently, these functions, when implemented, tend to be a combination of analog and digital. Digital power management implies that all of these functions are implemented with digital techniques and some type of data communications bus structure.

    Digital power management offer several benefits and opportunities and can be used at several different stages of the power supply and power system life cycle. Flexibility is the key and that the power system designer may pick and choose only those features and capabilities that are important to a specific application.

    The digital power management system has a basic architecture consisting of board mounted DC/DC converters or POL regulators that communicate with a centralized power system host control via a digital communications bus.


    Board Power Management supporting products

    We offer a range of development and evaluation tools relevant when using products with digital interfaces. The tools are used to design and optimize board power systems.

    With the design kit ...

    DC/DC Digital Power Designer

    Ericsson DC/DC Digital Power Designer

    The Ericsson DC/DC Digital Power Designer is a software toolchain that enables design of digital power systems from evaluation to production. The software is a free download and ...