Major network operators around the world depend on CDMA technology to deliver mobile voice and data services to over half a billion subscribers. Ericsson is a leading supplier of CDMA solutions for network operators, including Verizon Wireless, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, AT&T in the U.S. along with many other operators across North America, the Caribbean and Europe.

    Operator Business Drivers

    These operators depend on Ericsson to deliver solutions that allow them to leverage their network capital investments for the long term and reduce cash burn from their on-going operating expenses. They need to grow their top-line revenues and simultaneously position themselves to profitably transform their networks to meet the swelling demand for full service mobile broadband deployment. Ericsson’s CDMA portfolio delivers solutions that meet these central business needs.

    Ericsson Commitment to Operator Success

    Ericsson's extensive experience in CDMA and its demonstrated commitment to its future ensure network operators that Ericsson CDMA is a good investment and will deliver the customer value and operating efficiency they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive market.

    CDMA Radio Access Network

    CDMA Radio Access Networks delivers superior performance to meet a full range of network provider requirements from rural to dense urban deployments.

    The CDMA RAN portfolio provides feature-rich radio performance, high-capacity network capabilities and proven in-service reliability to support operators’ most demanding voice and data requirements. With robust 3G EV-DO mobile broadband and spectrally-efficient 1X Advanced voice technology, the CDMA RAN offering provides operators with a strong set of capabilities at multiple frequency bands and with options for remote RF deployment.

    CDMA RAN delivers superior performance with:

    • RBS 6000—the market-leading base station family with excellent radio performance and built-in support for IP transmission. These base stations support multiple technologies including CDMA and LTE.
    • CDMA Metro Cell and CDMA BTS 600 – installed in high-capacity networks to support CDMA air interfaces.
    • CDMA Remote Radio Unit – enables deployment of “zero footprint BTSs”, and the placement of the radio closer to the antenna port for improved RF coverage.

    CDMA Voice Core

    Ericsson CDMA Voice Core allows operators to deploy a state of the art platform to support 3GPP2-compliant network, manage costs while growing their subscriber base. It delivers network operators with a very robust feature-rich platform and scalable switching environment that efficiently delivers service to all markets.

    Ericsson Packet MSC

    The Packet MSC is a packet-based mobile switching system that provides separation of control and transport planes to allow for the physical separation of the call servers and the access network. Packet-based MSC reduces port usage, transport costs and utility costs; while making it simpler and easier to grow network capacity. The Packet MSC builds on Ericsson's expertise as the pioneer in Voice over Packet (VoP) and CDMA operations to deliver a total solution for voice with field-proven carrier grade platforms

    Ericsson Circuit MTX

    The Circuit MTX is TDM-based mobile switching system to support legacy circuit network. The Circuit MTX has been deployed for more than 15 yrs and has the capability to evolve to a carrier-grade softswitch known as the Packet MSC. This seamless upgrade allows operators to get all the advantages of packet based switching while supporting the same proven, extensive subscriber features and ANSI-41 features.

    CDMA Operations, Administration and Maintenance

    To ensure the high performance and operational efficiency of the Ericsson CDMA network, Ericsson supports a robust CDMA Operations, Administration & Maintenance (OA&M) architecture that provide a full suite of network management tools and controls.

    China Telecom Chooses Ericsson's Packet Core

    China Telecom have chosen Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) for PDSN upgrade and expansion for their CDMA packet core network in seven provinces and Macau SAR branches. The deal will enhance China Telecom’s capability of CDMA mobile network, generate new sources of revenue, improve end-user experience and ensure the future smooth evolution to LTE.

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