Ericsson Certificate Administration Server

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    Public Key Infrastucture (PKI) solution for secure authentication of devices, users and applications.


    Ericsson Certificate Administration Server is a new product managing the creation, management, revocation and distribution of secure certificates generated by the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) mechanism adopted in traditional Internet domains. In PKI, a digital certificate is an electronic document to proof the ownership of a private-public key pair.

    These digital certificates are used by end users to enable strong authentication to advanced services, and to provide a very high level of security for communications. As the private key of the private-public key pair never leaves the end user device when a certificate is issued, it makes practically impossible for any adversary to eavesdrop communications of the end user.

    Certificate Administration Server brings all components needed to successful deploy and operate a full-blown PKI administrative server. It includes a complete Certificate Management System, with unlimited number of Certification Authorities (CAs) and/or subordinate CAs, Registration Authority (RA) and a Validation Authority (VA). Certificate Administration Server makes use of an integrated Hardware Security Module (HSM) to assure the secure storage of keep all secret cryptographic keys secure.

    As reliability and performance are essential for operating systems like PKI, Certificate Administration Server is deployed in a geo redundant configuration.

    Certificate Administration Server is delivered as a virtualized software product.