Ericsson Cloud DVR Platforms

    Ericsson Cloud DVR platforms are focused on providing simple, tightly integrated solutions optimized for video storage, processing and delivery applications such as cloud DVR and video-on-demand (VOD) expansion. The core of our Cloud DVR platforms is the Ericsson Video Storage and Processing Platform which further extends Ericsson's leading TV and media portfolio with a cloud based,  highly scalable grid-based  storage and computing infrastructure that can be used for a wide variety of core and edge TV service enablement applications.


    Cloud DVR platforms strengthen Ericsson's position as the leading provider of video and television capabilities in the Networked Society.

    This product line is a software-based, enterprise class platform for video storage and processing applications. It takes advantage of the latest advances in clustered storage; grid computing; virtualization and video processing technologies enabling a wide range of applications.

    This product line enables new services and migration to cloud DVR deployments in all TV platforms including Ericsson MediaFirst and Ericsson Mediaroom. It also adds to Ericsson's video-centric network solutions such as the Media Deliver Network platform. It enhances Ericsson's solutions and services capabilities to ensure that video can be managed, stored and delivered from the cloud to all TV Anywhere devices efficiently and with assured quality of experience that meet consumers' expectations to enjoy TV today and into the future.


    Video Storage and Processing Platform

    Video Storage and Processing Platform

    Offer next generation cloud TV services that attract and retain subscribers, with reduced cost and complexity, with our highly scalable, integrated storage and computing platform.