Ericsson Customer Experience Assurance

    Big data analytics for better customer experiences

    Ericsson Customer Experience Assurance is now Ericsson Expert Analytics, a real-time, end-to-end big data analytics solution that is telecom-ready.


    Improving the customer experience is crucial to thriving amongst unprecedented telecom market competition. But most big data analytics solutions aren’t built to address the unique needs of telecom operators.

    Ericsson brings an approach that is based on real-time, end-to-end big data analytics. It is designed specifically to be telecom-ready, based on deep network expertise, superior insights, and closed-loop integration with our leading OSS/BSS portfolio, enabling operators to capture new opportunities, improve customer experiences and drive new revenues. These capabilities are available as part of Ericsson Expert Analytics.

    Visit the Ericsson Expert Analytics product page for more information.