Ericsson Data Centric Security

    In the Networked Society – and networked economy - one of the most valuable assets is data. The need to trust in your data,systems and algorithms used in decision-making is foundational.

    The ability to detect, withstand, respond to and recover from attacks or security breaches is seen as a cornerstone for business continuity.

    Securing the on-line industrial control systems and critical infrastructure in any vertical industry as well as securing the complete chain of custody in the software supply chain is a key challenge in a networked economy. Examples of industries are logistics, oil & gas, automotive, mining, manufacturing and utilities.

    Offering description


    Ericsson offers an industrialized Data Centric Security portfolio through its partnership with Guardtime.
    The portfolio provide enterprises with unique data and system integrity solutions with required scalability on a global base and includes capabilities for assessment, design and build. Ericsson provides a global managed infrastructure environment for handling data signatures and a portfolio of products enabling a veracity of high value use cases solving some of the hardest security challenges in a networked economy.


    Verification of the integrity status of your data can be done by everybody who has the original data and the signature. In general this verification is done electronically, but it can also be done by using the publication code that is published in independent media like Twitter ( and Financial Times.