Ericsson DC/DC Digital Power Designer

    Ericsson DC/DC Digital Power Designer

    The Ericsson DC/DC Digital Power Designer is a software toolchain that enables design of digital power systems from evaluation to production. The software is a free download and no testboard and board-mounted products are required to get started.

    Key Features

    The software toolchain includes two major parts – a design tool and a production tool. The design tool is the Ericsson Power Designer, used for initial development and prototyping of a digital power system. The production tool is the SMBus Tool, and is used to perform module configuration in a production environment.

    • Support for 3E digital power design:
      - Build a system off-line before buying any hardware
      - Use on-line with an Evaluation Board and USB-PMBus Adapter
      - Save your entire power system to a single project file
    • Create digital power relationships, such as:
      - Current sharing
      - Sequencing and Tracking
      - Synchronization
      - Phase spreading
    • Monitor your system in real-time:
      - Monitor status info to track and analyze faults and warnings
      - Read temperature, current, voltage, switching frequency, and duty cycle
    • Additional features:
      - Go from prototype to production by generating manufacturing-ready configuration files
      - XML-based device library for open command & pinstrap reference


    Product Program

    ProductPart No 
    DC/DC Digital Power DesignerCXC173 5018/1