Ericsson Experience Manager

    Monitor end-to-end service quality in near real time and proactively identify actionable root causes of customer-impacting troubles with Ericsson Experience Manager service assurance solution.

    Experience Manager Overview

    These days, service assurance is critical. It doesn't take much for customers to become frustrated with a service that isn’t working properly. And switching providers has never been easier. Don’t lose customers to a poor experience.

    Our Experience Manager service assurance solution manages service quality by collecting, deriving and analyzing metrics from your various network elements, application servers, and end-user devices. It can rapidly spot issues, diagnose root causes and prioritize responses. All before those issues reach the customer. So your subscribers stay happy and loyal while you reduce support costs.

    What is Experience Manager?

    Part of our Assurance suite, Experience Manager provides service quality management capability that helps you closely monitor and tightly control service quality, device performance, and customer experience. Key features include:

    • Visualization and thresholding. See the quality metrics that matter the most, when they matter.
    • Root cause diagnosis. Prioritize the most pressing troubles and use service models to quickly find the cause.
    • Understand the experience. Go beyond network assurance by understanding how applications and content actually perform for the customer.

    Why Use Experience Manager?

    Experience Manager lets you see your services from the subscriber viewpoint, helping you to be proactive in how you address service assurance and service quality management. When you make faster, more informed decisions for a more positive experience, you boost subscriber satisfaction and gain a competitive edge. Consider Experience Manager if you want to:

    • Build loyalty. Gain deep insight into your customer’s actual experience to better understand and improve it.
    • Unlock revenue. Make sure value added services and features work properly and are easy to use.
    • Reduce time to repair. Resolve network and device issues before customers even know they exist.
    • Reduce customer care expense. Lower the number of calls to your customer care operations, and reduce call durations.

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