Fixed Access

    Ericsson has been partnering with Calix since 2012 to offer next generation Broadband Access products and services to our customers worldwide. Calix is a US-based fixed access vendor focus in carrier-grade, purpose-built fixed access solutions to more than 1,000 customers serving over 50 million subscribers.

    Calix is the market leader in North America and Caribbean for deployment of multi-service access platforms and Ethernet service access platforms for delivery of FTTH services over GPON and Active Ethernet (AE). In addition Calix now maintains the third largest FTTP installed base in the world.


    Calix E7-2

    The E7-2 ESAP is a modular two-slot, 1RU chassis with a 100 Gbps non-blocking backplane that delivers any mix of GPON, Active Ethernet / point-to-point gigabit Ethernet, VDSL2, and 10GE.

    Calix E7-20

    The E7-20 provides a full suite of carrier grade features including redundancy for network, power and management connectivity with its two centrally located Switch control processors (SCP). In addition the E7-20 supports 20 line card slots, enabling it to scale to very large GPON deployments supporting over 10,000 subscribers in a single chassis.

    Calix T Series ONT

    With the introduction of the T-Series ONT family, Calix is continuing its expansion of the industry's broadest ONT portfolio. T-Series ONTs are designed to work with the E7-2/E7-2-and BLM 1500 and come in two categories: multi-dwelling unit (MDU) ONTs and home gateway unit (HGU) ONTs. Both types of ONTs support advanced GPON technology and dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA), maximizing capital and operational efficiency. All T-Series ONTs support voice, high-speed Internet, advanced data services, and IP multicast video.

    Calix Compass (SaaS)

    The cloud based Compass is an award-winning suite of software applications that enable communications service providers to accelerate their business transformation. Compass simplifies the complex challenges of broadband service planning, activation, and maintenance through applications focused on key strategic functions for all service providers.

    Calix BLM1500

    The BLM 1500 (Ericsson’s original EDA 1500) delivers high capacity, high-density GPON access solutions. Designed for IP over glass and "an all-video world," the BLM 1500 seamlessly delivers advanced GPON, while offering the capacity headroom for future growth and network expansion. The BLM 1500 can serve up to 7168 subscribers (64:1 split ratio) from every GPON OLT chassis.