Managed connectivity through the lifecycle

    Ericsson Device Connection Platform is a solution for enterprises, provided by operators, to manage connectivity for IoT solutions in the most efficient way there is. We lower the cost of operations with less people needed to manage connectivity, increase efficiency in the device production process by using only one SIM card for every operator and we increase quality of connectivity by giving you real time control over your device fleet, knowing exactly the status of every device.

    The platform provides benefits throughout the whole device lifecycle. From manufacturing, where our single SIM management solution drastically improves efficiency, to improved logistics since devices can be localized to a specific market without costly re-configurations, and finally to retirement in a secure and controlled way, terminating the connectivity and associated costs.

    Our offer reinvents how to run an IoT business

    One dashboard, complete control

    Make your life simple: monitor, analyze and manage all your subscriptions in our easy to use dashboard; giving you uniform control regardless of where your devices are

    One SIM, one network

    One SIM working globally, ensuring you maximum performance and flexibility in both operations and manufacturing

    Integrate once, run everywhere

    You run your business, we handle the connectivity. Thanks to our unified architecture you only have to integrate once, not once for every country

    Control at machine speed

    1 second is an eternity, 1 day is a disaster, our solution allows control at machine speed, capturing errors and effectuating changes at unprecedented speeds

    Secure every bit, all the way

    End to end security and encryption, from your device anywhere in the world to your network, is a given – it is built into our solution

    Connectivity assured everywhere

    A single and uniform connectivity management experience across all geographies – a pre-requisite for managing devices on a global scale

    Monetize data in new ways

    Re-sell connectivity to consumer or enterprise customers, with simple credit card transactions or fully managed connectivity as part of your offer

    Join an international ecosystem of IoT

    With us you get more than a technical platform, you get a whole ecosystem of partners, operators and other participants on the service