MediaFirst TV Platform

    Innovate at web speed and efficiently scale a compelling TV offering that helps drive more revenue and delivers breakthrough consumer experiences that are the consistent across all devices.

    Ericsson MediaFirst TV Platform Overview

    The rise of broadband connectivity, cloud services and mobility has ushered in a highly disruptive period for the entire TV and media value chain. Consumers are rapidly embracing TV services that provide ease of access and personalization with the highest possible quality.

    Ericsson MediaFirst delivers on Ericsson’s vision for the future of cloud-driven experiences by combining the strengths of Pay TV in quality of service and content depth, with the personalization, interactivity and multiscreen viewing capabilities of the OTT start-ups. It brings the agility, innovation and economic benefits of modern cloud technologies and web services to Pay TV operators, representing a big leap forward in TV technology.

    What is Ericsson MediaFirst TV Platform?

    At the core of Ericsson MediaFirst, the Ericsson MediaFirst TV Platform is a software-defined, media-optimized platform for the creation, management and delivery of next generation Pay TV. This end-to-end cloud-based platform embraces all content sources and delivery networks, equipping operators to deliver cutting-edge large scale video services to the billions of devices forecast to be connected by 2020.

    Supported by a unified backend that empowers rapid release cycles, the platform delivers seamless deployment capabilities for operators while enabling innovative viewing experiences for consumers.

    Ericsson MediaFirst TV Platform provides:

    • Unbound Experiences: Gain the best of traditional Pay TV and over-the-top content with the same user experience across all devices – from navigation to accessing content – creating a seamless multiscreen experience from mobile screens to TVs.
    • Easily Discover and Enjoy: With unified search that integrates all types of content, viewers can easily find their favorite content across live, video on-demand, time-shift and OTT content. An intuitive user experience complete with voice commands creates a fast and fluid browsing experience, allowing users to watch more and scroll less.
    • Immersive Experience: Users can create their own profiles or share user profiles with other household members and receive tailored recommendations and content feeds based on data, including user viewing history and trending content. Through personal device recognition, the TV recognizes the viewers’ device and dynamically customizes the experience.
    • Agile Operator Portal: Services and user experiences are configured through a single operator dashboard portal, simplifying operations for Pay TV service providers.

    Why Use Ericsson MediaFirst TV Platform?

    Ericsson has deep TV and media experience with the world's most deployed IPTV platform, advanced compression technologies and next-generation solutions for content delivery. Today, our work with more than 60 global service providers delivers rich media experiences to more than 15 million subscribers and 32 million devices. By 2020, it is estimated that there will be 15 billion connected devices accessing video in the Networked Society. We are collaborating closely with our customers to build a thriving TV and media ecosystem that addresses increasingly complex demands.

    Consider Ericsson MediaFirst TV Platform if you want to:

    • Attract, retain and monetize. Attract new subscribers, upsell/cross-sell to and retain existing subscribers, and leverage advanced analytics for swift decision making.
    • Be an agile business. Quickly develop and deploy TV services across all end-points at web speeds to respond to changing market trends and conditions.
    • Scale with efficiency. Manage costs and operate efficiently with a web-based platform that supports ongoing investments and pursuit of growth opportunities.