Ericsson MediaFirst Video Processing

    Ericsson MediaFirst Video Processing

    Efficiently deliver the latest video services and reach consumers on any screen with our cloud-ready, software-defined MediaFirst Video Processing.

    Ericsson MediaFirst Video Processing Overview

    Consumers have an insatiable appetite for high-quality video content that’s accessible from any device. But behind the scenes, content owners, TV service providers and broadcasters are seeing networks stretched thin as they race to serve up more HD than ever, with heavy HDR and 4K demands looming. Don’t let these challenges stand in the way of strong revenue and customer loyalty.

    Ericsson MediaFirst Video Processing is a robust suite of applications for media processing. It is the most advanced cloud-based and software-defined video processing solution in the industry, powering immersive TV experiences. Whether launching a new service for the first time or targeting multiscreen viewing with the highest quality and efficiency, Ericsson can help make the best use of network resources. All while opening the door to new revenue streams, happier customers and a more competitive video portfolio.

    What is Ericsson MediaFirst Video Processing?

    Ericsson MediaFirst Video Processing provides a single, comprehensive media processing suite that addresses every stage of the media delivery chain. It takes an application-based approach, comprising Ericsson Live Video Processing, Ericsson Content Preparation and Ericsson Content Monetization, to help any size TV service provider, broadcaster or content owner customize the best video delivery offering to address subscriber and market needs.

    Key features include:

    • Efficient Deployment. Implement a dedicated platform or software deployed in a private or public cloud for the best approach to a range of operational needs.
    • Best in class video processing. Leverage the world’s most advanced media processing algorithms and functions to deliver the ultimate picture quality while achieving the most efficient bandwidth usage.
    • Simplified management. A consistent interface for all video processing applications, and robust APIs for integration with in-house or 3PP systems help streamline usage.
    • Scalability. Easily add services over time as business demands and network needs change.

    Why Use Ericsson MediaFirst Video Processing?

    Ericsson MediaFirst Video Processing is supported by our more than 25 years of world-leading video compression expertise combined with the industry’s most comprehensive media processing virtualization capabilities. Efficient video delivery is the foundation of a complete service offering that meets the needs of any market. As video delivery requirements grow in complexity, Ericsson can help content owners, broadcasters and TV service providers streamline delivery of any content type to any device.

    Consider Ericsson MediaFirst Video Processing if you want to:

    • Deliver a premium service. Maximize picture quality over existing bandwidth to drive savings as new services are turned up.
    • Reduce OpEx. Simplified and consistent management interfaces reduce friction for strategic expansion of video processing capabilities over time, as needed.
    • Generate new revenue. From new service launches to dynamic ad insertion, unlock new profit streams.
    • Improve consumer satisfaction. Deliver all of the services subscribers want at the highest quality to any screen.