Ericsson Multimedia Messaging Center

    Mobile multimedia messaging is further enhanced through the value-added service possibilities, greater flexibility and scalability of the Multimedia Messaging Center.

    Product description

    The Multimedia Messaging Center (MMC) manages different sources to and from mobile terminals, and supports a wide range of standard interfaces.
    It serves as the network and multimedia platform for our Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) solution – a high-performing, well-integrated, feature-rich, end-to-end multimedia messaging solution.
    The latest release is highly flexible and can be easily adapted to your needs as the service provider and the needs of the user, generating new business opportunities for valued-added service providers and other operators.
    MMC includes features and functionality supporting multimedia messaging via images, animations, audio messages and video clips. It also provides flexible, real-time pre-paid charging and auto-provisioning.
    MMC is available as an entry-level system to address smaller operators and start-ups, and provides the same functionality and architecture available for high-end configurations. All offerings are compliant with open industry standards as defined by the OMA and 3GPP.

    Generate new revenue

    As a key component of our MMS solution, MMC ensures the delivery of the high-quality, feature-rich messaging options users expect.
    This experience is further enhanced through support of a broad range of value-added content-to-person applications that provide even more options for users to share their daily lives, including digital rights management functionality that allows users to access protected content and forward it to friends in an encrypted format.
    At the same time, purpose-developed software development kits make it easier to develop content ensuring a broad and ever-changing array of services, while a focus on high availability ensures these services are available and being used.
    The built-in functionality for value-added service management coupled with support for a variety of business models can also create new revenue opportunities for you as the service provider.

    Flexible and scalable

    We are constantly increasing MMC system capacity in line with market growth and in pace with handset developments to ensure high-quality performance and accommodate larger message sizes in high-capacity networks.
    This is facilitated through the modular design and compliance with industry standards (3GPP and OMA), which make it easier to grow the network in line with changing business needs and user demands.
    MMC includes centralized operation and administration, making it easy to maintain in both single-operator and multi-operator environments, further helping to reduce operational expenditure.