Multiservice Switches

    Ericsson has a strong PPX product portfolio that serves a broad installed base with requirements for multiservice and backbone data networks.

    Portfolio Overview

    The Ericsson Multiservice Switch product area (formerly known as Nortel MSS) offers unprecedented revenue and profit potential for service providers and reduced networking costs for enterprises through network consolidation. On a single platform, each switch simultaneously supports several networking technologies such as ATM, Frame Relay, IP and voice to generate revenues today with flexible evolution options to emerging technologies.

    PPX 6400
    The PPX 6400 comes in a number of form factors with leading versatility enabling the support for a wide variety of services including; frame relay, IP VPNs, ATM, voice and video.

    PPX 7400/PPX 9400
    The PPX 7400 / PPX 9400 series is used for access adaptation and backbone switching, supporting circuit emulation, IP, ATM and more.

    PPX 15000
    The PPX 15000 is a high-capacity, carrier-grade switches that support Layer 2 VPNs, Layer 3 VPNs, circuit emulation, voice and wireless services to meet the performance challenges of voice and data service providers.