Ericsson nCompass

    nCompass offers service providers powerful and effective management of Ericsson’s full range of video headend systems and broadcast products.  nCompass has been developed to provide a world-class management and control solution to accompany our world-class encoding and broadcast systems while proving a highly open and integral approach to third-party applications and system devices.  The application platform enables a unified view control of multiple devices within an elegant and easy-to-use interface.  

    Product Description

    nCompass will continually monitor every device within a local system, and also provides automated failure detection, redundant component switching and configuration of the fail-over components.  Scalability is ensured with a flexible licensing model and enables nCompass to grow in step with system growth.  This approach reduces upfront costs and ensures a future-proof investment.  nCompass will meet the management and control requirements of the full spectrum of headend configurations - from smaller edge sites to complex satellite, cable, terrestrial and IPTV super headends across a wide area or local area network.

    Business Benefits

    Reduce cost by saving time
    Through increased visibility of system alarms, simplifying the processes involved in configuring system devices and improving redundancy switching operators will save time in system-based workflow activities which will ultimately enable them to spend that time undertaking other tasks.

    Rapid response to service affecting issues
    Rapid notification of issues that may affect services can be viewed and actioned quickly meaning that service revenues are protected and likelihood of customer churn is reduced.

    Better utilization of scarce resources through automation and trend information
    The automation of the nCompass application in terms of device control and configuration almost enables the user to configure, schedule and forget.  This frees up time for other tasks to be undertaken by scarce resources.  nCompass will also automate the notification of system issues enabling the user to be notified of an issue and not pushing good health of a system environment.

    Enhance performance and productivity of operating personnel
    The simplicity of the application can extend responsibilities of an organization’s personnel and could provide an environment of empowerment which can ultimately lead to a reduction in personnel churn and the retention of quality and knowledgeable staff.

    Provide and promote an enhanced and differentiated service based on auditable and known metrics
    Broadcasters, Operators and Telco providers are always looking to attract more customers.  They are always searching for hard evidence of why their service is better than others.  The ability to define and convey specific system metrics based on system/service uptime can be used as a key marketing message.

    Key Features

    • Efficient provisioning
      Auto-discovery and inventory reporting of equipment configuration and capabilities for fast provisioning.
    • Extensive control
      Control of the latest MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC card-based encoders offering module and chassis-based redundancy models.
    • Powerful scheduling
      Timeline scheduling of service or transport stream configurations with dynamic generation of PSI and SI at each boundary.
    • Broad range of monitoring tools
      Monitors component health status via a detailed schematic showing the route through the equipment of any service or IP Multicast.
    • Statistical multiplexing
      Configures and monitors Reflex Statistical Multiplexing.  Local or remote Reflex is available for HD/SD MPEG-4 AVC and MPEG-2.

    Why Ericsson

    Ericsson's full range of video headend systems and broadcast products provided offers service providers fully-automated failure detection and switching, equipment configuration and scheduling from a single view.

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