Ericsson NetOp EMS

    The Ericsson NetOP EMS provides a comprehensive and scalable set of features for element managements and complete FCAPS supports for the SSR 8000 Family, SmartEdge Family and SM Family. NetOp EMS interworks seamlessly with IP Transport Network Management System (IPT NMS) to provide overall network and service management.


    • Robust and distributed NetOp architecture enables superior scalability that can support network growth.
    • Sophisticated NetOp alarm viewer delivers advanced trap collection, database logging, filtering, and forwarding features that simplify fault isolation and network monitoring, which result in high operational savings.
    • Intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) viewer and flow through provisioning capabilities enable rapid service velocity, reducing go-to-market time for new revenue generating streams.
    • Sophisticated user security for NetOp clients allowing customized control of user access and secure connectivity to network objects for both GUI and CLI operations, reducing possibility of human errors.
    • Bulk Operations support like scheduler based backup and parallel upgrade of nodes provide significant efficiency in network administration and operations for mass rollout, resulting in high operational savings.
    • Zero-Touch IP VPN Provisioning via IPT NMS for L2 MPLS VPN, L3 MPLS VPN, ATM PVC and IPSec broadens NetOp EMS service reach beyond regional networks.
    • Integrates and consolidates 3rd Party network faults for a common fault management experience, resulting in operational savings.