Ericsson Payment Access Gateway

    Mobile wallet services made easy

    Connect mobile wallet users to a thriving mobile money ecosystem that simplifies sending and receiving payments across disparate services with Ericsson Payment Access Gateway.

    Build The Mobile Money Ecosystem

    Deployment of mobile wallet services was an important first step in starting to drive financial inclusion and grow digital economies. But lack of integration between the many disparate payment services and key ecosystem stakeholders like companies, banks and institutions is slowing adoption. Simplify access to the global mobile money market to expand m-commerce opportunities and help bank the unbanked.

    Ericsson Payment Access Gateway establishes a single connection to mobile financial services deployed around the world. It creates seamless transaction between an expanding number of mobile wallets, and banks, merchants, NGOs, governments and enterprises. Capitalize on the limitless opportunities that exist when global mobile money services are interconnected.

    What is Ericsson Payment Access Gateway?

    Part of our M-Commerce suite, Ericsson Payment Access Gateway simplifies interconnection between mobile wallet services and operators, banks, enterprises and merchants. It addresses challenges related to collecting revenues in underserved markets, and helps to ease complex technical integration of disparate bilateral mobile money connections and lack of sustainable cost structure for current mobile money offerings. This open solution comprises robust transaction processing and business support functions, creating a strong foundation for increased mobile money adoption and usage.

    Key Ericsson Payment Access Gateway features include:

    • Payments and transfers. Support transactions between global, local, physical and online merchants, remittance providers, money transfer organizations and more.
    • Disbursements. Expand supported transaction types, from pension and salary payouts, to aid, social support and NGOs.
    • Collections. Serve large and mid-sized corporate clients, global enterprises or service providers with online payment collection.

    Why Ericsson?

    Ericsson is driving the next generation of mobile financial services, creating a more flexible, transparent and open financial ecosystem. We have deep expertise supporting mobile financial services deployments for governments, banks and operators around the world, opening new opportunities for stakeholders. Our capabilities range from providing the full infrastructure to managing integration with operational processes and conducting reporting. At every turn, Ericsson is helping to drive partnerships, providing secure, flexible mobile financial platforms that establish an interconnected and transparent financial ecosystem.

    Consider Ericsson Payment Gateway if you want to:

    • Launch faster. Speed time to market for interconnected mobile wallet services that reach far beyond your user base with streamlined infrastructure and operations.
    • Simplify mobile payments. Seamlessly transact over financial domains and across service providers with streamlined processes.
    • Cut costs. Reduce operational expenditures and initial investment by leveraging a proven, scaled solution.
    • Increase ROI. Put the power of the global mobile money ecosystem to work for your mobile wallet service for increased usage and adoption.
    • Boost security. Mitigate fraud with better financial transparency.