Ericsson RX9004 Family

    Advanced UHD Receivers

    RX9004 provides 4k HEVC decode - in conjunction with Ericsson's CE-HEVC option for AVP 2000/3000 creates an end-to-end 4k solution that gives unrivaled video quality with minimum bandwidth utilization.


    Customers see that 4k video is a significant differentiator and they are increasingly demanding product that enables contribution of premium Events to create consume interest. With the high video quality of 4k comes the operational cost of having to carry high resolution video across the network. By offering 4k resolution in combination with ultra-efficient HEVC compression the RX9004 solves these issues enabling operators to achieve their program goals with minimal cost increases.

    By providing a single box, single slice video frame solution RX9004 enables customers to set-up and maintain their transmissions with the minimum of operational impact.

    What is the RX9004?

    As part of Ericsson’s renowned RX Receiver range, RX9004 gives state-of-the-art capability combined with system know-how and support that customers have come to trust.
    RX9004 features include:

    • ASI and IP Transport stream inputs enables connectivity to every network architecture
    • HEVC 4k video decode gives ultimate video quality combined with ultimate efficiency video compression
    • Interface to existing 4k infrastructrures with 4x 3G HD-SDI video output

    Why Use RX9004?

    RX9004 decoder, in conjunction with Ericsson’s CE-HEVC encoder card for AVP 2000 and AVP 3000 enables Operators to launch high resolution 4k video Contribution services.  By offering highest quality 4k resolution in conjunction with ultimate efficiency HEVC compression decoding customers can achieve best possible picture quality for the lowest possible bandwidth utilization and therefore lowest OPEX. Benefits include:

    • Ultimate quality video.4k UHDTV decode solution
    • Ultimate bandwidth efficiency. HEVC compression decode
    • End-to-end system solution. Matches with Ericsson’s CE-HEVC encoder option for AVP 2000 and AVP 3000
    • Ease of system operations. As a single box, single slice video decode solution operational issues are simplified