Ericsson Series

    The Ericsson Radio System Series make it possible to build up different site types by integrating radio, baseband, power, backhaul, fronthaul, battery-backup, enclosures and other site products into groups. Radio System Series support both outdoor and indoor deployments, including zero- footprint and self-contained 19-inch-assemblies.

    • 61-series: Floor-mounted macro based site type
      61-series enclosure is normally used for radio, baseband, backhaul, fronthaul, power and battery backup. 
    • 63-series: Zero-footprint macro site type
      “Carry to site” products for wall or pole mount that reduce site rent and speed up site acquisition
    • 65-series: Self-contained micro site type
      Micro product with baseband, radio and backhaul supporting single as well as multi sector.


    • 62-series: Enclosure-based site type
      Enclosure-based floor mounted, zero-footprint or larger 19” shelf based products.
    • 64-series: Self-contained Pico site type
      Pico radio with integrated baseband and backhaul.
    • 66-series: Self-contained 19” products site type
      Self-contained products optimized for installation in standard 19’’ racks.