Ericsson SSR 8000 Family

    Smart Services Router Family of Products - IP Service Delivery Platform

    The Ericsson SSR 8000 family of Smart Services Routers, provides operators with a highly scalable, consolidated platform that offers services for both fixed and mobile network infrastructure. It offers services such as IP/MPLS edge routing and Evolved Packet Gateway functionalities. The Smart Services Router enables complete network convergence so subscribers can access services from any devices or locations.

    Powered by Smart Network Processor 4000 (SNP 4000), industry's first C-programmable processor running unmodified Linux, the Smart Services Router is a true multi-application platform that delivers Layer 2 to Layer 7 services with predictable performance.  

    Offering Description

    With a backplane capacity of 16 Tbps and a non-blocking switching fabric, a Smart Services Router can scale to the bandwidth needs of even the most demanding applications, while protecting low-bandwidth, low-latency applications from getting crowded out. State-of-the-art signaling capacities address the growing control overhead that comes with an ever-increasing number of connected end-user devices. A variety of network functions – ranging from subscriber management to policy control and mobility support – enables a fast and simple introduction of new end-user services, maximum end-user experience, and optimal use of network resources. Sophisticated availability and resilience capabilities, encompassing both hardware and software, minimize the probability and the potential impact of a failure. As a consolidated platform for both fixed and mobile network functions, the Smart Services Router realizes complete convergence between network access types. Its proven and renowned operating system provides functional convergence complemented by a coherent interface for all network functions. This simplifies operations and reduces the cost of ownership.

    The Ericsson SSR 8000 family comprises Smart Services Routers in three sizes, which are tailored to different scaling needs. The SSR 8020 provides 20 slots for line or services cards, the SSR 8010 provides 10 slots, and the SSR 8004 provides 4 slots.

    SSR 8000 Family: is a key building block in 4G IP to enable deployment of infrastructures that are massively scalable, simple to manage and operate and has the smarts to offer full or incremental services as the operator’s requirements arise.