Stream Processing

    As consumers demand access to content anywhere and at anytime, operators and TV service providers need to ensure high availability of services on all platforms.

    Ericsson's family of stream processors enables operators to perform highly efficient processing and conversion of video streams between formats.  The family covers both broadcast and multi-screen processing on all operators' platforms.

    The proven System Multiplexers form the heart of many compression head-end systems the world over.  Ericsson's Video Processors family offers the dense and cost-effective transcoding of off-air and turnaround channels needed today to provide all services on all devices.  The Network Processors enables operators to package the resulting streams and interface to the HTTP network for delivery to multi-screen services in all the most poular formats, including MPEG-DASH.


    MediaFirst Video Processing

    Ericsson MediaFirst Video Processing

    Efficiently deliver the latest video services and reach consumers on any screen with our cloud-ready, software-defined MediaFirst Video Processing.

    MX8400 System Multiplexer

    The Ericsson MX8400 system multiplexer is at the center of Ericsson's Multi-Platform Headend architecture, meeting the needs of IP distribution infrastructures, together with robustness suitable ...

    SPR 1000 Family

    Efficiently launch both multi-screen & broadcast TV services to the home & migrate to MPEG-4 AVC with Ericsson's SPR1100.