Ericsson Telephony Softswitch

    Our Telephony Softswitch Solution provides full PSTN compatibility with 99.999 percent availability - over IP infrastructure.

    It provides:

    • Cost-efficient modernization of national and international transit (Class 3 & 4) as well as local (Class 5) telephony networks
    • Interconnect between voice-over-IP networks (both SIP and H.323) and H.248-based TISPAN access gateway control
    • A safe evolution path from TDM to all-IP
    • Significant opex savings.

    Evolve the network

    Telephony Softswitch offers an efficient and cost-effective migration path to modernize your network for narrowband telephony.

    Telephony Softswitch offers a proven migration of large scale networks into IMS. Softswitch components can be reused in the evolution of the network and will be important parts of future IMS architecture. This provides you with an economic way to evolve and modernize the network.

    Our integration competence and network transformation experience with large-scale networks make us the perfect partner for you when engaging in this transformation from TDM to IP.

    Cost-effective network

    Case studies show that softswitching can significantly cut costs:

    • Overall core network opex can be slashed by up to 80 percent
    • Total cost of ownership can be reduced by up to 20 percent

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