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Wireline OSS

Our Wireline OSS  provides advanced support tools for efficient and dependable network infrastructure management, helping operators improve operation while lowering costs.

We have a complete offering to help you as an operator gain total control of your wireline network to increase efficiency, improve service performance and lower costs.

Our Wireline OSS , based on OSS-RC, supports our wireline technologies, including the IP Multimedia Telephony (IMT) and Telephony Softswitch Solution (TSS) offerings.

All of our offerings include support for open single-point interfaces toward higher level management systems (NMS).

Wireline OSS provides off-the-shelf operational support that includes:

  • Support for converged network solutions
  • Open northbound interfaces
  • Automated operational processes
  • Network configuration tools to automate support and coordinate the configuration between network elements
  • Alarm correlation and filtering

Improve service performance

With better control over the network, you can take the right steps to increase network efficiency while improving service performance and therefore user satisfaction.

Our approach to network management covers both automation of processes and support to drive efficiency, and smart alarm monitoring and reporting to quickly establish and resolve the root cause of any problem.

By providing strong visibility throughout the entire network, our Wireline OSS portfolio ensures awareness of service outages or degradation of service quality, so the situation can be quickly rectified. This approach focuses on providing the right quality of service to create profitable, long-term business.

Based on standard and open interfaces, and designed to operate with all of our wireline technologies, the OSS offerings can be quickly implemented and integrated into existing networks to provide effective operation from day one. As a leading provider of both packet and circuit-switched networks, we have developed our systems to work efficiently in today's converged networks and support the latest all-IP and next-generation infrastructures.