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MINI-LINK is Ericsson's Microwave & Packet Aggregation offerings provide lowest cost of ownership whether for new mobile network rollouts, evolution of mobile networks, or fixed broadband over microwave. 

Outdoor units

Outdoor units supporting all outdoor and split configurations with Gbps capacities in traditional frequencies (6-42 GHz), V-band 60 GHz, E-band 70/80 GHz, single and dual carrier, Coax and Ethernet interface.

Outdoor units that always requires a MINI-LINK indoor unit

MINI-LINK 6363 and MINI-LINK RAU are examples of such radio units for traditional frequency bands, i.e. 6 to 42 GHz.

MINI-LINK 6363 is now also supporting low-cost licensing E-band (70/80 GHz). This makes it the world’s first split mount E-band radio, which can be used for easy upgrade of existing MINI-LINK nodes and for cost efficient new deployments together with the new compact MINI-LINK 6651 indoor unit.

Outdoor units that can be installed stand-alone or together with a MINI-LINK indoor unit

MINI-LINK 6352 and MINI-LINK PT 6020 are outdoor units for E-band, i.e. 70/80 GHz MINI-LINK 6352 supporting 5.5 Gbps capacity over 750 MHz channel.

MINI-LINK 6352 has an embedded L2 switch, enabling full aggregation and switching between all traffic ports, that makes it ideal for multiple combinations of mobile backhaul solutions. Support Multi-band Booster configurations.
MINI-LINK 6351 and MINI-LINK PT 3060 are outdoor units for the V -band, i.e. 60 GHz MINI-LINK 6351 is an 1 Gbps microwave node optimized for small cell deployments.

The innovative design with integrated 60 GHz radio and antenna provides capacity, easy installation and minimum visual impact.
MINI-LINK PT 2020 is an outdoor unit for traditional frequency bands, i.e. 6 to 42 GHz

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