Ericsson Baseband

Ericsson took the world’s best baseband and made it better. Customer experience in live networks around the world demonstrates Ericsson technology leadership with the best performing networks and the industry’s most compact baseband. The complete portfolio includes baseband solutions that are optimized for micro sites or outdoor macro rail sites. It also supports Ericsson Cloud RAN architecture that can be deployed in both centralized and distributed configurations and supports optimal coordination and virtualization techniques.

Key benefits

• 5G Ready and Full Mixed-mode – It runs GSM, WCDMA, LTE and Massive IoT concurrently on a single Baseband board and ready for 5G
• Large capacity - Massive multi-core processing with 10 times the energy efficiency of COTS
• Superior cell capacity - Supporting several LTE bands with Carrier Aggregation and aggregating FDD & TDD on the same board